Intolerance of Judaism a.k.a. Anti-Semitism

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    When Anti-Semitism is mentioned, the mind almost immediately jumps to the Holocaust. The Holocaust could be described as one of the biggest hate crimes throughout history; it was not only against the Jews, but they were the major targeted group. It is known that anti-semitism continued after the Holocaust however, it has a reputation of reaching even farther back. One of the first acts of religious intolerance against the Jews was when Pompey, a Roman military leader, conquered Jerusalem. After his capture he turned the Jewish temples into ruins, killed the rabbis and forced his religion upon the people.
  After the death of Jesus of Nazareth, Many Christians believed it was the Jews who were behind his death and not the Romans. Mistreatment such as beatings and murder followed the Jews for centuries after this debate. By the sixth century the Jewish people were even more publicly despised and laws were created to inhibit them from holding public office, employing Christian servants, dining, doing business or having intimate relations with Christians, and even not being allowed out in public during the Holy Week. For hundreds of years in several countries, particularly in Eastern Europe, Jews had to identify themselves by yellow badges or in one case, pointed hats in Germany. The First Crusade was particularly anti- Jewish with the burning of multiple temples with the worshipers trapped inside. Jewish hatred resurface in the 1800's and it was at this time that the phrase "Anti- Semitism" was coined by Wilhelm Mahr, a German journalist, who wanted a more technical name then "Jew Hatred" or "Juden-hass".

  In 1947 Israel was founded but even that couldn't ebb the flow of hatred felt for the Jews, if anything it only worsened. Palestinians were furious about the Jews recieving the land in a grant from Europe. The conflict of the Israeli - Palestinian people that has been going on since the dawning of time rocketed into the aggressive scene that it is today. Hate crimes against them, however, were not just limited to the Middle East. The United States, Russia, and England are just a few names of the countries that have experienced major Anti- Semitism problems even in the 21st century. For example, in 2007, 969 Jews were targets of a hate crime in the United States.

Anti-Jewish Incidents

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Some may be surprised that even today, there are more crimes against Jews then there are Muslims. Yet, in multiple graphs the results are unanimous in the fact that the Jewish population is targeted more for hate crimes than any other religion. The order of the religions following Judaism is slightly more varied, but in some cases crimes against Catholics and Christians outrank those of Islam.

'2009 Hate Crimes by Religion'