The Kurds

       The kurds are an ethnic group in the mountainous areas of Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Iran, and Armenia in Southwest Asia. The area currently inhabited by the people is named Kurdistan, meaning in Persian "Land of the Kurds." They are currently the fourth largest Ethnic group in the Middle East, and have face many hardships in the past and today throughout the Middle East.
        The Kurds have long wished for a united Kurdish state, however the predominantly Arab countries in which they live have not allowed for one. Specifically in Iraq, the Kurds had faced oppression by the Saddam Hussien regime. The Kurds supported Iran in the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq War, and as a result the Kurds were treated horrible. Kurd villages were raised and biological weapons were used against civilians. In later years, around two million fled to Iraq for safe haven despite United States efforts creating a safe haven.