Types of Hate Crimes

'Hate Crimes: Behind the Bias'
Hate crimes cannot simply be lumped into one general category. In fact, the grouping of these crimes into one large category is what downsizes the seriousness of this ongoing issue. Hate crimes are more than just "regular" crimes. They are often more violent due to the simple fact they are fueled by the animosity toward the victim for certain characteristics that make up who they are. These crimes can be separated into several specific categories.


Can you believe that people are victimized just for the fact that their skin is different from others? Their age, status, personality, and character traits all mean nothing. Unfortunately, all some people see is skin color.


Here, it becomes deeper than just the color of one's skin. Not only is one's complexion criticized, but their unique culture is also debased. Beliefs, practices, language—components that make up one's very background—become targets of callous, inexorable hatred.


A belief system should be something a person can look to for guidance and faith, not something that they fear they could lose their life over. Freedom of Religion is a right granted by the United States Constitution, but even here, hate crimes over religion still exist.


This category is often the most overlooked. Much of the attention is centered on crimes committed out of violence toward a person because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. However, gender has been included into this list. Gender discrimination is just as important as these other categories, and the fact that it is often ignored as a hate crime is the reason why more attention to be brought to it.

Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity

'Rainbow Flag'
Homosexual, Bisexual, and Transgender—these describe people all around the world, and they are discriminated against, even to the point of death in some cases. Every branch of life is affected by this, especially the military. The 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy has been in the news lately with the repeal and the reinstatement of the policy. This branch of hate crimes has also skyrocketed in the young adult world. Bullying in schools, name-calling, and physical harassment have led to an up rise of suicide in teens. These people must face all of this animosity and discrimination. All because they chose to make themselves known to the world. They have decided to 'come out'.

Still not convinced? This problem exceeds beyond the real world and into the cyber world.Choose any of these 4 anti-LGBT slurs and see how many times they've been used daily on Twitter.