What Can We Even Do?

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." -Edmund Burke


    Only recently have hate crimes been given a fraction of the attention that it deserves. There has been a slow movement through legislation to do something about these bias-based crimes. In 1968, the United States Federal Government allowed authorities, such as police, to look into any crimes that may have been targeted on a person for their particular race, religion, ext. In 1990 the Crime Statistics Act was passed to mandate the FBI to collect data on the statistics of the crimes committee in the U.S.
  Let's face it; we live in a world were wars are raged, terrorists attack, and people are subject to discrimination for who they are. All of these are inspired by hate. Hate fuels many actions that people involve themselves with, sometimes, without even being aware of it. Education is the best way to peacefully combat this growing issue.
    Hate is bred through out the generations. Which is why education of this issue needs to start at an early age. If we can get the children of long ago enemies to become friends then our future will be a much more tolerant one; which also means a safer one. When one can associate a person to a place and positive memory with it they are likely to feel connected and it turns from an "us verses them" to a "we". THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is how we can fight the hate; not by thrusting a gun into someone's hand but extending your own.


    Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International are two of many organizations who use their voice and influence to promote justice and equality, while helping to prevent and aide the stop of hate crimes around the world. We hope, like the organizations to help stop the spread of hate through activism. This not only means activism through words, but also through actions and persuasion. 
    Parts of everyday speech can be hurtful and may even lead to  
    One segment of our solution is to influence our peers to not only stop everyday hatred, but also to influence others to do the same.

Please, help us stop the hate.

("Revel & Riot")

One person can still make a difference. Don't let prejudices, stereotypes, and other people's opinions take over your own thoughts. And the next time you make a move to judge someone, try to get to know them first.