Why Should Gender-based Offenses Be Considered Hate Crimes?

'Domestic Violence'
    The controversy with adding gender to the list of reasons for hate crimes is that some people feel that it isn't necessary. Some don't consider domestic violence or sexual abuse to be crimes that involve hatred. However, there is a second point of view, though it is less popular.
    Others think that classifying incidences of domestic violence and sexual abuse as hate crimes will convey the seriousness of these offenses to the public. A sex crime often falls into that generic blur of a ‘domestic’, which usually means that the victim and the offender have a close relationship. This confuses things, whereas with a hate crime, who’s to blame is clear from the beginning. 
    The next, most debated topic concerning the classification of sexual abuse as a hate crimes is rape. Now, we tend to think of a hate crime as racially or religiously motivated, and as a result of sexual preference, but we rarely here about gender motivated crimes of hatred. It all falls under domestics and other abuse. Rape is about a deep hatred of women. The motive for rape is power, just as is the motive of many hate crimes. Why should this be any different from any of the other reasons for hate crimes?

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